Based in Cape Town, South Africa, I use the medium of photography to try capture the world around me. I have a keen eye for interesting compositions, a love of good food, architecture, art and I am equally at home strolling through the city, up in the mountains under the stars, or hurtling along under sail out of the sight of land.

I've been both a sailor and a photographer and over the years I've discovered that photography and ocean sailing have much in common. They have both taught me the magic of solitude, the art of patience, and how to marvel at the raw beauty all around us. And like sailing, photography is both an art and a science. Both sailors and photographers require a unique ability to observe the environment and react quickly with a great deal of attention to detail.


My objective as a photographer is to document the space in front of my lens with a methodical focus on composition, all lines and textures meticulously considered to capture and record an image with artistic merit and a lasting impression. My goal is not only for my clients to be satisfied when viewing their images, but absolutely thrilled and delighted.

Southland Photography's'focus is on architecture and the built environment, food, landscape and fine-art photography. Studying industrial design in my early twenties piqued my interest in line, shape and form, and my love of art giving me an appreciation of good design, balance and symmetry. Traveling extensively in my thirties, primarily sailing on yachts I was skippering, instilled a love of the natural world and her rhythms. It is only natural that I was drawn towards specializing in architectural and interior photography, and shooting fine-art 'scapes when getting my outdoor fix.


The final, and most rewarding step of taking a photograph is getting it printed. Framing a physical photograph and hanging it on a wall turns it into a tangible object and gives it an essential character that isn't present when viewing the same image on a computer screen.Here are a few images that I have made available for sale as framed prints.


Get hold of me here and we can arrange to discuss your needs over a coffee.