Southland Photography provides high quality architectural, interior and lifestyle imagery for both private and commercial clients.

Our objective is to document the space in front of the lens with a methodical focus on composition, all lines and textures meticulously considered to capture and record an image with artistic merit and a lasting impression. Our goal is not only for our clients to be satisfied when viewing their images, but for their expectations to be met and exceeded.


Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we are happy to travel nationally and internationally. Get hold of us here and we can arrange to discuss your needs over a coffee.


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David is the founder and principle photographer of Southland Photography.  He has a keen eye for interesting compositions, a love of good food, architecture, art and is equally at home strolling through the city, being up in the mountains under the stars, or hurtling along under sail out of the sight of land.

Studying industrial design in his early twenties piqued an interest in line, shape and form, and his love of art giving him an appreciation of good design, balance and symmetry. Traveling extensively in his thirties, primarily sailing on yachts he was skippering, instilled a love of the natural world and her rhythms. It is only natural that he was drawn towards specializing in architectural and interior photography, and shooting fine-art 'scapes whilst getting his outdoor fix.

"My first priority when shooting architecture is to attempt to capture the intention behind the design. It is documentary in nature, but in addition the image needs to convey how the space is ideally experienced. My objective is to produce images that make the need for any explanation redundant, whilst acknowledging the structure, function and material qualities of the space."


Here are a few images that David has made available for sale as framed prints.



Charlie is a widely published international advertising, lifestyle and motion picture stills photographer with 13 years experience. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa, but his work takes him far afield, from the south pacific, to the Caribbean to remote corners of Africa.


He has worked on numerous international advertising campaigns, as well as having carved a niche in the global film and television industry, creating refined imagery, understanding briefs and continuously fulfilling clients expectations, no matter what the time constraints or challenges.

Joining Southland Photography as a contributing photographer is another chapter in Charlie's extensive career. His technical knowledge, eye for detail and ability to utilize the natural light and enhance it, ensure top notch results which appear effortless.

“As a photographer, I feel that capturing an image that tells a story or translates an emotive narrative, is the primary objective. Whether it be the subject, or a scene, the viewer needs to be moved in a direction that translates either the story I am trying to tell, or the scene that is unfolding”