Troposcape Prints

Parallel World Concrete wall Black Thin.
Incoming Shower Mounted mounted
Charcoal Horizon Framed and Mounted.jpg

The troposphere is the layer of the atmosphere closest to the ground in which all weather occurs.


The state of this air affects almost everything we sense and experience outdoors. Cloud cover either blocks or lets through dappled light and can add texture and interest to an image. The complete lack of moisture in the air can bring ultimate clarity, while a large amount can add a haziness.


Particles suspended in the air scatter the sunlight causing different wavelengths of light to reach our eyes changing the colours we see. Air-masses get heated up and cool down which results in wind  which creates movement in otherwise still scenes, waves on water and and can also subtly change the texture on waters' surface.


It is this air that is the subject of this series.